Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pumpkin and Pecan: Leftovers

How much do I wish that was the title of a reality show about the just-pardoned turkeys and their new celebrity life?

Here's a cute pic of a kid named Jack greeting Pumpkin in his little crate. Pumpkin flew first class with his handler from D.C. to Disneyland. Which is ridiculous. But also funny to imagine! I bet Pumpkin definitely smelled bad and made some screechy gobble-y turkey noises. I like to think of all the richies in first class getting their feathers ruffled (hee!) about having to share their cabin with a turkey, albeit a famous one.

Unfortunately I missed the Disneyland parade, of which Pumpkin was grand marshall, but I found this video of last year's parade so you can get an idea of what it looked like. The turkey shows up at 1:20.

I'm really bummed that the turkey wasn't wearing any little accoutrement. Like a tiny crown. I was picturing him with a crown, cape and scepter, like the king of the parade! Something like this:

Now that Thanksgiving is over, Pumpkin (and pinch-hitter turkey Pecan, who was also pardoned but didn't get to do any of the fun parade stuff, or fly first class) are living in some Disney farm.

"Where is my butler? I demand that you provide me with proper lodging! This is an outrage!"


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