Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Goat breaks into home, eats cake"

Best headline ever?

A few days ago in Westford, WI, Sherry Shirley went to let her dog into the house. Suddenly,

"...a full-grown goat burst into the house, jumped onto a kitchen counter and helped itself to a freshly baked chocolate cake, according to the Dodge County Sheriff's Department.

Deputies responded to a call from Shirley at 11:43 Saturday morning, but a neighbor had dragged the goat from the home by its horns before officers arrived, patrol captain Molly Soblewski said.

"The goat didn't do a lot of damage. It knocked some dishes to the floor that broke and began eating the chocolate cake she had just made," Soblewski said."

Deputies followed the goat's tracks to a nearby farm and had captured it, but ultimately the owners of the goat weren't cited.

Awesomely, the goat's owner said:

"It was just an unfortunate circumstance," she said. "I feel sorry for the lady, but it is kind of funny."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The ANTI-SNUGGLE: Danger Chimps


After reading this yicks-inducing New York Times story about how an old pet chimp in Connecticut RIPPED OFF A LADY'S FACE, and after learning some more Chimp Facts from my friends Erin and Fred, I think chimps are off my list of "cute animals I want to snuggle."

Fred told me another ghastly tale:
Fred: I read about this nascar driver
who kept a chimp
And Erin had some terrifying facts:
They rape each other. Also chimps eat each others' young. Cannibal style. But really not for the meat, just for the terror factor. They are the original terrorists.
You heard it here first, folks. Chimps: The Original Terrorists.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oranutans in Overalls

Baby orangutans on the Tonight Show w/ Johnny Carson.


Would you look at this baby gorilla's eyes? Gee whiz!


Kingsford Goes to the Beach - The funniest videos clips are here

Best part: 1:03.
Second best part: 1:34. That cat is NOT feeling it.
Third best: 3:02. He tries to swim IN THE OCEAN!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Update! A 10 year old (70 year old, in dog years) Sussex Spaniel named Stump won Westminster yesterday! Stump once had a semi-successful show career, then retired and got very sick. Only last week did his owner decide to enter him in Westminster.

Look at this little squishface! Such good eyebrows. What a saggy little sag bag. Love him.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Westminster dog show is going on right now in New York, and the New York Times has a hilarious slide show up to dog-cument it.

Yeah, dog-cument. Deal with it!

This bulldog is having his nails powdered. You know, as you do. I've never heard of such a thing so I did a little research on the internets. Apparently it has to do with stopping bleeding if you cut into the quick while clipping the nail. But this lady is putting the powder ALL over him. I would really like to know what is going on here!

Here's a bunch of French Bulldogs lined up. I like the first one best.

Have you ever seen a corgi with this coloring?! I haven't. HANDSOME fellow!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Snow Dog

This made me laugh out loud:

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

URGENT: Vote for my LOLcat

Guys, we gotta make this happen. I made this LOLcat of my cat Ruby, and if enough people vote it might be featured on I Can Has Cheezburger.

Please, PLEASE vote for Ruby! She isn't narcissistic, but she is loud and sassy and would definitely enjoy her 15 minutes of internet fame.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Dog Is So Confused About Everything

Poor Quinn. He is generally very befuddled.


"Why are my eyelids so saggy? I hope my eyeballs don't fall out!"

"Why is the top of my head SO ROUND? It's like the top of a fake plastic ice cream cone!"

"Why is everything blue?"

Okay, he doesn't look confused in this one. But he does look cute as HECK.

"Let me just see what's down her-FFFFFFFF. !??!??"

This is the best dog I have seen in a while. More pics at his profile on Daily Puppy.