Friday, March 27, 2009

Cat Licking a Fox with HUGE Ears

Oh man, check out this fox.

He's a Fennec Fox, "a small nocturnal fox found in the Sahara Desert of North Africa which has distinctive very large ears."

Apparently they're legal to own in the US, but some vets won't treat them because they're considered "exotic."

Can your freak-ears hear me calling you, fox? Come here and be my buddy! Sigh.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monkey on a Goat on a Cup on a Tightrope

Before you get all sassy and ask "What cup?" just HOLD YOUR HORSES and wait. The goat turns around.

More like Monkey Doing a HANDSTAND on a Goat on a Cup on a Tightrope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Secret Muppet Cuteness

I just happened upon this adorable video of former Tonight Show host Jack Parr showing David Letterman a very special secret Muppet-related thing in the former Tonight Show studio.

The build-up is intense but hang in there, it's totes worth it.

Thanks to Zack for the tip.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When Irish Pups Are Smiling

This past weekend I went to the annual Brooklyn St. Paddy's Day parade in Park Slope.

It was so fun! There were lots of animals in the parade, including Irish setters, an Irish wolfhound, and some CLYDESDALES! Those guys are huuuuge! Their tails and manes were dyed green. That didn't seem so healthy for the horses. But I guess their owners probably know what they're doing. I hope!

I also saw a basset hound named Ozzie wearing a green bowler hat. I haven't uploaded the pic yet so until I do, here's a drawing.

Also, here are some gratuitous pics of animals dressed up for St. Patrick's Day that I found online. FUNNY!

Book 'Em... for CUTENESS!

Today, two totally ridic pics of a Siberian Husky named Booker from Daily Puppy.

SO CUTE, right?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Portrait of the Hippo as a Young Man

Y'all, the Wall Street Journal has gone wacky. They have a long LONG article about a Swiss zoo is being forced to get rid of a new baby hippo named Farasi because of a surplus of offspring.

In their defense though, it's SUCH a good article. It's about LIFE OR DEATH!
Amid the joy of Farasi's birth, zoo spokeswoman Tanja Dietrich said he'd be put up for adoption. Or else? Zoo policy, she said, is to "put down excess animals and feed them to carnivores."
What the whaaaaaaaat!? Apparently in Europe it's standard zoo practice to let animals procreate as much as they want without birth control, but if there are too many babies and not enough resources, the babies either get adopted or BECOME LION FOOD!


The Swiss are understandably tweaking about this and are doing everything they can to save Farasi, including starting a Facebook group.
Jerome Lacourrege, a 25-year-old sports marketer from Zurich, says he joined the Facebook page "because it was a good cause and when you're in a recession and a banking crisis, it's nice to have a hippo to care about."
Word, Jerome. Still, things aren't looking too good for the little chubby dude. Time is running out- once he's about 10 months old he'll start to become a threat to his dad. See, hippo herds only allow one male at a time, and {warning, reading this will make Farasi wayyyy less cute} "in nature, the young sexually mount their mothers if they can."

Ew EEEEEW. Dirty incestuous baby hippo. Nevermind.

Anyway, guess I might as well still show you this video of him being all cute. Try to forget what you just read, if you can.

Michelle Obama Hugs: I Want to Go to There

This will warm the cockles of your heart. It's a slideshow of pics of Michelle Obama hugging people, looking very sincere as she does it.

Love that lady.

Speaking of Obama, I've been meaning to post this Dancing Obama banner ad.

WTF?! First of all, the ad doesn't even identify this dancing fellow as Obama, even though it's obvs him. Second, why is he so excited about calculating a lower auto insurance rate? Makes no sense.

This is a big pet peeve of mine. I hate how crappy online ads randomly latch on to current events (or peeps involved in said events). I bet right now there are a bunch of banner ads for mortgages that feature Rihanna and Chris Brown or Bernie Madoff. So dumb! At least the Bernie Madoff ones would sort of make sense-- like "pin the tail on the Bernie!" or something. I don't know. Nevermind. It's Friday, I don't have to make sense.

Rant over. Here's another Michelle pic as a palate cleanser. She's hugging an old lady!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look at this Skinny Minnie

Check out this baby blue whale! He's soooo long and skinny! He looks like a guy with a mustache sipping through a straw. (Think about it.) (Tail = looks like a mustache!)

These dudes are about 25 ft long when they're born. Did you know baby blue whales gain 200 lbs a DAY????? FATTIES!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Act like you're normal."

Jack Hanna was on Letterman recently with some baby goats. It's always so funny when he's on. I love Jack Hanna. The rapport between those two guys is just hilarious. Dave acts like he hates him and thinks he's an idiot and Jack just soldiers on saying ridiculous things.

Anyway, I can't embed the video but click here for hilarity and goats.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

NOOOO! Martha's pup Genghis Has Perished

Remember Martha Stewart's super adorable new puppy Genghis?

He looked like a wee bear.

Well, now he's dead. (!!) There was a freak kennel explosion during a propane delivery (Wha? Why does a kennel need propane?) and for some reason Genghis was at the kennel and not home with Martha. Such a bummer.

See ya, pup.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tasty Thing: Cadbury Mini-Eggs

So everyone knows Reese's Eggs are the star of the Easter candies. Peeps are cute and all, but Reese's Eggs are actually delicious (whereas 2+ Peeps will make you vom).

But MY favorite Easter candy, hands down, are Cadbury Mini-Eggs. God damn. The shell is super crunchy and the chocolate is so milky and melty. Plus I like that they go the extra mile and dust the cocoa powder on the eggs to make them look real.

WARNING: Sometimes the shells are SO crispy that after you bite them, a little shard will break off and stab your hard palate. This review words it nicely:
Advantages: Chocolate
Disadvantages: Spiky bits hurt yer gums
Seriously, it hurts a LOT, so be careful!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Weird Looking Bird

Not much to really say about this guy, except his name is Whipper and he's a mutant parakeet.

His fam rejected him so now he lives with a nice lady. I wonder if he can see out from behind all those feathers. Can you trim feathers? Maybe that would help. I don't know. Good luck though, little buddy.

Friday Foxes

Some fox vids.

Foxes Jumping on Trampoline

Courtesy Samron.

Guy Lives With a Fox

Courtesy UZOOUK. They have some great vids.

UPDATE: Fred has requested a drawing of the fox. I might draw both (trampoline foxes and pet fox). I'll post em later.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ice cream is so GULL-ible

What is wrong with these ice cream cones? Why do they keep on putting themselves in harm's way? Don't they see what keeps happening to their brethren?

They must be thinking, "This time it's gonna be different."

NOPE. It isn't. Sucks for you, Coney.

Seriously though, the facial expressions in these pics are priceless.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I just submitted two photos to Of things I've eaten.

What does that say about me? Probably nothing good.

The Luther Burger (a bacon cheeseburger w/ a grilled glazed donut for a bun). Cooked by my buddy Sam Henderson and eaten by me and my buddies in the now-defunct burger club.

I thought it might make me barf but it was actually pretty tasty. I'd eat it again! Most of the donut's glaze fell off when we grilled it, so it functioned more like a potato roll- a nice sweet counterpart to the savory beef, bacon, and cheese.

Bacon and Velveeta-stuffed cheeseburger. Also made by Sam for burger club consumption. Delish. We did another one stuffed with tomato, basil and mozzarella which was also good.

Check out and tell me some of that stuff doesn't look good! I am positively salivating over the McNuggetini (A McDonald’s chocolate milkshake with vanilla vodka, rimmed with BBQ sauce and garnished with a chicken McNugget.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cute Thing: Par Group Logos

I've been noticing the Par Plumbing trucks on my walk to work for a while now, and I just love their logo.

So simple! It just says it. Talk to the hand, WATER!

Then today I noticed a slight variation-- Par Mechanical! I guess they deal with cooling systems. I like this version of the logo because it's like the Par Hand is magical and belongs to a wizard who is conjuring a frosty breeze and a SINGLE SNOWFLAKE in his bare hand.

The company's website has some fun facts about their history, along with an older version of the logo. They've been around since 1917, and they're a family-run business. Cute!

Photos via JSchumacher and Ferg on Flickr.

Monday, March 2, 2009

French Bulldog Babysits Baby Orangutan

I love you, internets. This was one of the first things that came up when I searched "orangutan" in Google Video.

Cat Adopts Puppies

From the Sun in- where else?- the UK.

Smaigal the cat and her newly adopted puppies

The orphaned pups were taken in by Smaigal's owner Mohammed Al-Hamoury after their mother was killed by a car. And the motherly cat was more than happy to add the cute pups to her litter.

Unrelated: Is it just me, or does "Smaigal" make you think of SMEEEEEGOL!?