Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cute Thing: Par Group Logos

I've been noticing the Par Plumbing trucks on my walk to work for a while now, and I just love their logo.

So simple! It just says it. Talk to the hand, WATER!

Then today I noticed a slight variation-- Par Mechanical! I guess they deal with cooling systems. I like this version of the logo because it's like the Par Hand is magical and belongs to a wizard who is conjuring a frosty breeze and a SINGLE SNOWFLAKE in his bare hand.

The company's website has some fun facts about their history, along with an older version of the logo. They've been around since 1917, and they're a family-run business. Cute!

Photos via JSchumacher and Ferg on Flickr.

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Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to photograph these vans for awhile now, but never seem to see them when I have my camera close at hand. Would you mind if I use these on my blog... it's still under development, but I'd be happy to preview it for you before using the images.


If you want to email me about it...
prttyshtty at yahoo dot com