Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twinkly Music WIN

Please please please watch this with your sound on.

This poor cat Nosey is having some trouble with a festive red balloon. In the spirit of honesty I feel I should tell you this is a reenactment, but this did happen naturally the first time. And it is priceless.


This is a CRAZY TINY bunny. It eats a flower and then does a SUPER CUTE thing at the end of the video.

What would be the funniest thing to see this bunny wearing? Here are some ideas I had:

- Overalls
- Mustache!
- Fez
- BANDANA (around neck)

Man, bandanas make any animal so much cuter. Yet they have the opposite effect when worn by humans. Curious indeed.

Seagull Maniac

This video is exactly what you hope you'll get from a video titled "Seagull Maniac". I recommend watching the whole way through. It turns not-funny and then funny again like ten times over the course of the video.

Chit-Chat (<--FRENCH PUN)

Some cats are so talkative that the best way to keep your sanity is to pretend you're having a conversation with them. My cat Ruby has great comic timing. This cat's not bad either.

Whippets Always Look Afraid

Even as he/she makes fun of this baby, this whippet looks like it's scared it's going to get in trouble.

Happy as a Lamb

Today's Big Thing's Cute Animals section is my new favorite treasure trove. They're doing what the Snuggle Factory does so much better that I almost feel like I should give up. But then where would people find pencil drawings of pigeons eating cake, or whatever dumb thing I draw next?

Here is an amazing video of a lamb named Bea bouncing around a house. My aunt and uncle have a farm in Washington state and whenever one of their sheep has lambs they have to take them in to nurse them. I guess mama sheep aren't so good about caring for their little ones. Anyway, my aunt was just complaining to me about having to get up in the middle of the night to feed TWIN LAMBS. TWIN TINY LAMBS! That is my dream.

I'm Back and I'm Making Up for It


Sorry dudes. It's been a busy few months for me at work. But I'm ready to get back in my groove.

This cat likes having its hind quarters scratched.