Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Charley and the Old Navy Factory

The delightful Todd Oldham, creative director for Old Navy and self-professed Charley Harper fanatic, has combined his two loves and helped produce a line of Charley Harper products for the chain!

For those not in the know, Charley Harper was a wildlife illustrator who created charming, very modern works that have been reproduced quite a lot for calendars, greeting cards, etc. You can still buy some of his prints on ebay.

His work is a lot of fun, and the man himself seems like he was pretty fun too. The BF just gave me Birds and Words, which features his bird illustrations juxtaposed with his hilariously hokey and dad-humored writings.

Anyway, his stuff is great for kids. Unfortunately for me (but fortunately for kids!), the Old Navy items are geared at children, but if you have to buy any gifts for little ones this holiday these would be so well-received.

Aside from the t-shirt featured above, which is $10 and comes in two other styles, there are books, games, and a coloring book.

These alphabet flash cards are pretty darn cute, too, and would look nice framed or even just tacked to the wall with nice metal push pins. (I may buy these for myself!)

Everything is under $15, and for the next few days they are offering free shipping and 20% off if you use the code "20FREESHIP".

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