Friday, December 5, 2008

Tinks, the Sick Sheep

Oh dear. This is so cute.

A family took in a brain-damaged sheep named Tinkerbell with the intention of bringing her to the vet and then giving her back to the farm that owned her. But they wound up rearing her themselves and keeping her. And now they take her for walks with their dogs!

Here's the mother of the family, Chiara Magarotto, talking about Tinkerbell and her daughter Scarlett, who took a liking to each other:

"She follows us about everywhere and enjoys going for walks with the dogs - she thinks she is a dog - and having tea parties with Scarlett. She even came to Scarlett's pre-school and was perfectly behaved."

A sheep having a tea party with a child! That I would like to see.

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Anonymous said...

There's one such charmingly retarded sheep at Queens County Farm if you're lookin' to cop a local snug. You'll know it by the mostly-vacant come-hither stare.