Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gender Roles!

Sara the Walrus really got me thinking. I was so sure she was a dude based on how she looked. But she wasn't! That's when I realized that some animals just seem to be one gender. Walruses, for instance, are total dudes. They have mustaches! Same goes for wire-haired dachshunds. Don't tell me this isn't a bro:

But it might be a lady!!

That got me thinking about which other animals seemed male or female. Here's a lil list:


Guys. Specifically, CRANKY guys.


Total girls.

Bald Eagles

Guys all the way. Note: this game only works with animals that look the same regardless of gender. (i.e. "Guy lions look like guys" wouldn't fly.) I just doubled checked and bald eagle ladies and dudes have the same plumage. Nuts!


Cats are ladies. All cats. Am I right?

Anyone have any other examples?

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