Friday, December 12, 2008

"I eat everything, but sometimes I don't."

Remember that video of the cute little French girl who told that cute story about the cocodrile a few weeks ago?

Well, now she's written a letter to Santa. And boy is it cute.

Père Noël,

I would like a nice gift, and I would like to see you.

Because I have been very good throughout the year. I have listened well, I have cleaned up my room by myself and I had fun at school, and I have played with my friends.

Also, I am going to move, I will have a nice house and a mezzanine.

I eat everything, but sometimes, I don’t.

Then I would like to see you for Christmas and Halloween and talk to you. I would like to sing you a song-poem. When is winter coming ?

Also I would like to talk to you, but if you leave and go far away, I would like to see you in your house.

If I hug you, your beard will not sting, it will only tickle.

And I would like to go into your sleigh. How will I do that ? Do I have to climb up the trees ?



Ugh. Love her.

And apparently you can buy t-shirts with her drawings and sayings and the money goes to schoolchildren in Mongolia or something!

This one says "The hippopotamus was allergic to magic," which was a totally ridiculous and awesome thing she said in the video.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful, don't peak too early! Remember Orson Welles!!!!!