Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Are you serious?

This French Bulldog puppy, Douglas, is CRAZY adorable.

Daily Puppy is such a good website. For obvious reasons (daily puppy! duh.) and not-as-obvious reasons like the comments.

A sampling:

hi Doug i'm sure you will grow into your ears, but if you do'nt who care's, your still a winner, long and happy life pal.

Hey Doug! You are too, too cute. You look a little worried in this picture - don't be, life is great for sweet little boys like you. Love those ears!

Doug, you are so adorably cute!!!! Tell me, do you have all the women after you??????? I can imagine you are everything your human has described. From Toronto

Douglas, you are waaaay adorable and if you ever want to vacation with a gang of silly, but loved, huskies, give us a shout. You are just wonderful :-)

I hope Doug remembers the dangers of the internets. Those huskies might not even be huskies!

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