Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome to the Snuggle Factory!

Hi all!

I'm not sure what this blog will be just yet. Right now it's a half-baked idea that will definitely evolve (into who-knows-what!), but I hope you'll join me on this little adventure!

As I started shopping for holiday gifts, I started to get so excited about some of the items I was seeing that I felt like I had to share them. So, come back for news on my favorite shops and sales in the NYC area and online, and gift ideas.

I'll probably also talk about foodstuffs I want to snuggle. Lord knows I want to curl up with some bacon right now.

Also, speaking of snuggles, I love it when animals are friends. Especially different species that shouldn't be friends! So I will probably post some of those kinds of things as well.

Cheers (and snuggs),

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The Whistler said...

MEGAFIRST (that's the first comment on the first post, people)