Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sad Gorillas are So Sad

A baby gorilla was recovered from animal traffickers by the Congolese Wildlife Authority after a three month undercover investigation!

According to Virunga National Park in the Congo, the poor little lady was "
found concealed under clothes at the bottom of a bag and was suffering from over-heating and dehydration after spending over 6 hours in transit."

The VNP blog has tons of info on the covert op, and even a video of the arrest of the bad guy and recovery of the gorilla:

It's SO sad. She looks so out of it when they first uncover her in the bag. But she's expected to survive, thank goodness. I'll keep you guys posted.

Here's a happier pic of her hammin' it up. "All this fuss about lil' old me?" They haven't given her a name yet but I'm going to call her Lucy. I think she kinda looks like a Lucy.

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