Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wobbly Dog

Yet another animal who can't walk well. Will this ever not be cute?

This Jack Russell pup, Katy, was featured in a British (!!) television special called "Special Needs Pets". Remember Charley the cat? I think this dog has the same wobbly disorder.

You have to watch this video of Katy bumbling around. My word! Poor thing. Can't go a few steps without toppling over. Also, Katy is a bit pudgy, due to the BREAD AND BUTTER and CUSTARD her owners feed her. But the extra pudge probably helps with the falls.

Guess who else is featured on "Special Needs Pets"? Former Snuggle Factory subject ETHEL THE BUNNY!

Here's a video of little Ethel in action. It's so dear. You can tell she's really happy to be zipping along!

You can watch the entirety of "Special Needs Pets" on Channel 4's website.

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