Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When Other Friendships Have Been Forgot, Theirs Will Still Be Hot

Tarra (the elephant) and Bella (the stray dog) met on an elephant preserve in Tennessee and became total BFFs. This is probably the biggest size difference between animal friends I've ever seen! Which makes it that much sweeter, obvs. It's like a teacup and Marmaduke became friends!

They run around together, snuggle with each other, and Tarra even gives Bella belly rubs with her giant hoof! Cuties!

And once, when Bella was sick and visiting the vet, Tarra stood watch outside the building waiting for her buddy... for three weeks! Sniiiiff. (Don't worry, Bella got better.)

Anyway, this vid is awesome. You might have to watch a crummy commercial beforehand but hang in there. Totes worth it.

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