Friday, May 21, 2010

"A Winnie the Pooh Situation"

This poor Vermont bear got its head stuck in an old milk can. Luckily some nice fellas from the Fish and Wildlife and Fire Departments helped him out after lubing him up with a whole container of liquid soap.

Here are the saddest parts of the story:

Helpers on the scene secured a rope to the milk can and then to a tree to keep the bear from moving about and injuring itself.

"It was lying quietly and breathing heavily, obviously exhausted and battered from having been stuck in the can for at least six hours and, during that time, running and bumping into trees and boulders," Hammond said.

_ _ _ _

The milk can "looked like there was some residue of grain or bird seed in it," he said. "It was kind of rotted. It looks like he came down during the night. This time of the year they're scavenging, trying to find whatever they can eat. There's not much out there at this time of the year — mostly grasses and buds. They can't find high-energy food. That's why they're attracted to bird seed and bird feeders."

Well, at least they got him out of there! I bet he was all soapy and disoriented. Poor cub.

Holla at Graeme for the tip!