Friday, May 1, 2009

Pop in Your Local Mom and Pop for a Present for Mom (WORDPLAY!)

Ez at Creature Comforts tipped me off to the 3/50 Project. If half of the employed population spent $50 a month in local shops, we'd generate over 42.6 billion dollars of revenue for the economy!

I know it's hard to shell out money right now, but I've been trying to shop locally and it feels good to help out merchants in my neighborhood that I've come to know and even consider friends.

Here are a few Mother's Day gift ideas from stores in my neck of the woods. PSST! MOTHER'S DAY IS MAY 10, suckas. If you live in Brooklyn you should definitely come check them out!

229 5th Ave b/w Carroll and President Sts

You gotta get her a card, obvs. Scaredy Kat has really pretty cards with a wide range of messages and prices. If you think a $6 card is ridiculous OR totally affordable, this store is for you!

68 Dean St at Smith St

You guys, One Girl Cookies' tiny little cooks are the jam. The store itself is a lovely, blue-and-cream colored place to sit and enjoy a treat, but you can order their goodies online too. Prices for gift boxes start at $29. Totally reasonable!

97 5th Ave at Baltic St/Park Pl

I stop at Gorilla every day on my way to work. It's the best coffee I've ever had. Plus, the staffers are the nicest and wear crazy accessories (which leads to me and the fella making up secret nicknames for them like "Map Hat" and "Sequin Beret"). Anyway, I could see a boy getting his mom the screen printed wooden gift box of three 1lb. bags of coffee. It doesn't have a distinct "mom vibe" (i.e. pastels) but if you have a cool mom you could pull it off.

190 Fifth Ave at Sackett St/Berkeley Pl

Cog and Pearl, on the other hand, has a TOTAL mom vibe. (Well, a girl vibe.) Lots of affordable jewelry and one-of-a-kind-seeming housewares. These switch plates are a little pricey at $50, but isn't Mother's Day all about doing something special to make your mom's everyday life a little sweeter? She'd look at it often and think what a great kid she has. Then, when you call her to ask her to do your taxes for you, she won't be as cranky about it. Maybe?

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